AEW Rampage on December 22, 2023, records viewership since October

AEW Rampage on December 22, 2023, records viewership since October

Live viewership for AEW Rampage has been announced. The 0 ratings for Rampage resulted in 363,000 viewers. The 18-49 demographic was rated 10 by TNT during the 10 pm ET time slot on Friday. This was the most-watched episode since October 13 so far.

The show garnered 308,000 viewers in the same time slot last week. An 08 rating is warranted. According to Brandon Thurston from WrestleNomics.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy will face off against. Rocky Romero, Skye Blue, and a match between the two. Queen Aminata, The Kingdom starring Matt Taven and Mike Bennett alongside Roberto Strong. Matches were played by various individuals, including the Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardiness). Here’s a list of the total viewers and the key demo rating that Rampage has achieved in the past year: 9/2/22, 485,000 viewers – 0. The live episode/All Out go-home show from 9/9/22 had a total of 429,000 viewers, but the 16-key demo rating was 0. The demo’s 14-inch screen was rated at 470,000 viewers on 9/16/22, but the viewership was not high. On February 23rd, the demo was rated at 14 and garnered 522,000 viewers but no views. The Grand Slam special on 9/30/22 garnered a rating of 0.7% among 472,000 viewers, including 17 key demos. The 16-way demo was rated at 404,000 viewers and 22 seconds, with no viewership. Live episode 10/14/22 had 13 key demo ratings, with 0 viewers compared to 458,000. The demo’s key rating of 17 on 10/21/22 was 480,000 viewers, but the number is 0. A 13-minute live demo in the 10/28/22 live episode garnered 378,000 viewers but no views. In the live episode 11/4/22, a rating of 12 key demo was achieved with 455,000 viewers – 0. A total of 456,000 viewers watched the live episode 11/11/22 with a demo rating of 14:1. The demo’s rating of 11/18/22 was 0 among 445,000 viewers, with no viewership. Full Gear’s go-home show on 11/25/22 had a 14th place demo rating, with 411,000 viewers watching but no one watching. The early demo on February 22 had a score of 11 and 361,000 viewers, but the final rating was 0. The 08 key demo was rated with 457,000 viewers on 12/9/22 and no viewers. The key demo was rated at 11 on 12/16/22, with 464,000 viewers but no one watching. The Holiday Bash’s 15-minute demo garnered a total of 566,000 viewers, with only 0. The key demo on 12/30/22 had 470,000 viewers but no views, resulting in an 18 rating. With a rating of 12 on the 1/6/23 demo, the video garnered an impressive 550,000 viewers but only 0. With a rating of 15 out of 10 on the key demo, the show was watched by 515,000 viewers and not 0. A crucial demo was rated 1/20/23 with 464,000 viewers but no views, garnering only 13 votes and 0. A crucial demo was rated at 1/27/23 with 458,000 viewers, but the rating is 0. The demo was rated for 14 and had 406,000 viewers, but the number was 0. A demo of 11 tracks was rated at 375,000 viewers and the final score was 0. With a rating of zero, the 12 key demo was broadcasted on 2/2/23 and had 287,000 viewers but no views. In the early timeslot of 2/24/23, the demo had 409,000 viewers but the record was not yet 0. 394,000 viewers viewed the key demo on 3/3 as 11 ratings, but not enough to cancel the show. Live episode/Revolution go-home show on 3/10/23 garnered a 10 out of 10, with 447,000 viewers tuning in instead of the expected 0. The demo’s key point of view was 474,000 viewers, with a rating of zero as of 1/317/23. A further telecast on 3/25/23 with 373,000 viewers tuning in, but no audience for the 18 key demo. A demo rating of 10 in the Saturday night timeslot was achieved with 340,000 viewers – 0. A 10 out of 10 demo was rated with 503,000 viewers and no clicks on the video. A 17-point demo was recorded on 4/14/23, with 639,000 viewers and no views. The NBA playoff lead-in on 4/22/23 was based on a key demo rating, with 371,000 viewers watching the game but losing 0. The 12th hour’s demo on Saturday night, which had 298,000 viewers but 0.5% of the audience, was a success. In the early demo time slot of 5/5/23, the key rating was 0 as 294,000 viewers watched it. In the early hours of November 13th, the demo had 284,000 viewers but no views, earning a crucial rating of 0. The demo on Saturday night (5/19/23) had a viewing audience of 293,000, but the actual number was 0. In the early demo time slot of week 5/26/23 with 436,000 viewers – 0. With a typical timeout of 6/2/23 and viewers of 357,000, the demo rating was 11 with 0 in total. The 12th minute’s video garnered a rating of 291,000 viewers but no views. In the normal time slot on 6/16/23, the number of viewers was 423,000, but it had a 10 out of 10 demo rating. On Wednesday, the demo had a ratings of 13 and generated an audience of 391,000 viewers (minus 0. 6/30/23’s key demo was rated at 11 and had 450,000 viewers, but not any actual viewership. A crucial demo was broadcasted on 7/7/23, garnering a rating of 368,000 viewers but no views. The demo’s rating of 12/14/23 was 310,000 viewers, but the viewership was not high. On 7/21/23, the demo received a score of 10 out of 10, with 415,000 viewers watching it. A key demo rating of 11 on 7/28/23 garnered 324,000 viewers, but not any viewers. The demo’s 8/4/23 episode had 434,000 viewers, but the key rating was 0. With 398,000 viewers, the demo of the 8/11/23 episode had a 14 key rating with no action. A total of 416,000 viewers watched the 15-point demo on 8/18/23, with a rating of zero. A 13-part demo was shown with 348,000 viewers on 8/25/23 and no viewing. A demo of 11 highlights was broadcasted on 9/1/23 with a viewership of 372,000 viewers but no views. With a key demo rating of 11 on 9/8/23 and 385,000 viewers (less than 0,0) in the first half, “It’s all over? A 13-point demo was aired on the 9/15/23 release, with 335,000 viewers but no viewers. The demo’s 09 key ratings were 341,000 and 0 viewers on 9/22/23. 363,000 viewers surpassed the viewing count of the Grand Slam special on 9/29/23, which included a key demo. A 14-way demo rating of 10/6/23 garnered 365,000 viewers – none. A total of 407,000 viewers – no one watched the 12 key demo on 10/13/23. With a 14-key demo rating, the show garnered 342,000 viewers but failed to convert. With a key demo rating of 11 on 10/27/23 and 319,000 viewers, the video had no audience. The demo’s 09 key rating was 298,000 and the number of viewers was 0. On 11/10/23, the demo was rated as 11 and had 322,000 viewers but no views. On 11/17/23, the demo of 12 key was rated with 280,000 viewers but not any audience. 06/25/23: 264,000 viewers -0 for the demo in 09 key. With a ratings of zero, the 08 key demo on Saturday night (12/1/23) had 348,000 viewers. The key demo was rated at 10 out of 10 by 341,000 viewers on December 8th, 2013. A demo of the 12/15/23 episode with a rating of 158,000 and 0 viewers was played. The 08 key video garnered a rating of 363,000 viewers on 12/22/23, but the viewership was negative 0.

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