AEW’s Sammy Guevara shares WrestleDream concussion

AEW's Sammy Guevara shares WrestleDream concussion

Highlights below were provided to us via the interview Chris Van Vliet did with Sammy Guevara on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

The infamous Matt Hardy match:

“That was a nightmare for everyone. The tables were, I believe, too close. This is what happened. It was slightly further away, or we climbed way too far on our scissor lift. It was unlucky because we were able to get so many awesome stuffs at that game that, I mean, a lot. I was actually kicked out of Daily’s Place in order in order to stop the game. We were slated to climb up to the top of the Daily’s Place.”

“But this match was a beast. It’s unfortunate that it’s been referred to for being one of the most embarrassing moments in AEW However, I think there was a lot of learning from every aspect of how to handle such a situation. I’m glad Matt did not suffer any further trauma. I can remember being at the back of the room crying and was sad. I consider him a hero and things continue to happen due to the chair incident that occurred a couple of weeks prior to that. I took his to the hospital. I kept him there until around early in the morning, to ensure the patient was in good health. However, I’ll show gratitude to Matt for the fact that he could have said,”You know what? This isn’t working out for this child. I don’t want to work with him anymore. However, he’s still working alongside me. We played our Elite Deletion match at his home. You know it’s his honor to conclude the story in correctly. Instead of washing his hands. He said, “Oh it’s time to do it right.”

On Stadium Stampede:

“That was an insane period for wrestling, with the pandemic, and everything. Then, it’s like We’re going to wrestle in this huge empty arena, and we’re all discussing ideas and other things. Then it was an eerie feeling what could happen to me during the game? I’m referring to being pursued by a golf cart. I’m being chased by horse. I’m being attacked by sprinklers. I’m thrown off this thing on the platform Kenny. I can remember the time I came up with a concept for the horse to chase Hagar which I realized the golf cart was going to chase me afterward. Then I thought to myself”hey, I think this could be the part that just happens to be bad things after bad. As if I never take an opportunity to catch a break. It was definitely one of the best matches although it did take a long time to film. As we’re filming it we learn that it’s going to be the final game on Double or Nothing, so it’s sort of like an event that is the most important. That was amazing, as well. And then I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t participant in this year’s. It was nice to participate in the first two but was unable to make the third however, it was pretty good.”

Concussions and concussions during WrestleDream:

“I’m cleared, I’m good. This was insane. You know, I use the cutter all the time and it’s just the worst thing I use all the time and this time I just smashed my head against the canvas before seeing the future. And if you revisit, you’ll see, that he’s probably not the best. But I didn’t realize it at the moment. I thought they had a match scheduled for me on Wednesday. I believed I’d done doing well. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I started to experience a real feeling. Then Tay got in touch with the doctor. [Were you dizzy?] No. Like the lights that are bothering me. Did you throw up? It wasn’t, thank goodness there was nothing to be concerned about. However, I did experience a headache and all that and it was as if the lights were bothering me. As bright as. As if that my bright future. Then they took off my shoes and let me relax and then sent me to a few individuals to watch. It was probably the longest time I’ve ever been away from wrestling so long, which is since the 1st of October.”

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