Andrade Announces AEW Departure

Andrade Announces AEW Departure
Andrade had many thanks

In a statement posted on social media this morning, Andrade confirmed his AEW departure prior to his anticipated WWE return.

Andrade was defeated by Miro on the AEW World End pay-per-view show and was his last AEW appearance. This happened after the storyline in which CJ Perry adored her husband but was presiding against him since she was her partner in crime Andrade. She flipped to Andrade during the end of the show.

Andrade has written the following:

“I would like to express my gratitude for this period in which I worked for the company @aew, and most of all, to Tony Khan. I would also like to end my time with all the talented people camerasmen, security staff, security personnel as well as all the referees and anyone else who is employed by the company. I am grateful for their an integral part of my experience in AEW. Kenney, young bucks tazz, Shiavone, Aubrey, Jerry, Hobbs, hook, Kingston, Ricky, Orange, thunder, Jack Perry, Austin, Colten, Sonjay and many more I’ve been able to name and also, how do I forget all the Mexicans (todo El relajo) I loved being in the ring along with STING, PAC, Darby, Garcia, Jay and numerous others. It would be great to meet MOX, Page, Hobbs, Ricky, Dante, Cage, Dustin. Thank you to AEW. And thank all of the fans who have supported you throughout the years. I wish you all the best for the future. !!!

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