Booker T: I’d definitely contemplate attending Sting’s final match if invited

Booker T: I'd definitely contemplate attending Sting's final match if invited

In the most recent Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T gave an update on his health following medical procedures.

Booker stated, “I’m probably about 98 percent and ready to go. I am definitely excited to get back into the saddle. My treatment went very smoothly. I recovered quite quickly. I’m not suffering from any pain or discomfort currently. I’m excited to get working again. I am not a fan of being idle and in my home.”

Booker T’s views regarding Tiffany Stratton and her performance in the Elimination Chamber match:

“She’s developed right before my eyes. To witness her in that position is amazing. It’s amazing to be able to observe her in that posture. I’d suggest that Tiffany was was sitting on the learning tree. I’m not talking about only my own studying tree. I’m talking about the learning tree at NXT I mean, Shawn, Matt Bloom and all the trainers there. Tiffany was beneath that learning tree and was gaining the information. I thought that maybe three, four and maybe six months before, Tiffany Stratton could have been on an official roster. However, I was able to see an interview she gave. She said, “You know, I’m not trying to rush to make it to the main roster, or anything similar to that. I’m planning to absorb every bit of information I can to ensure that when I become a member of the main roster, I’ll be 100 prepared to be ready. I’m not sure what she was saying, but she’s reached the position she’s in and is well-prepared for that job. She is able to compete with anyone anywhere in the world, and that she will win the match or is defeated is not going to be a factor. She can be a contender with anyone on the planet. She’s amazing. Consider it. It’s only two years old in the industry. It’s a truly amazing. It’s amazing for someone of her age to be this young in this industry who is able to go out and truly work with the very best from

From a psychological standpoint, I consider her to be a big credit for her learning about this business.”

Booker T was asked if the singer would be permitted to go to Sting’s last match. If it was so, would he be allowed to attend:

“If I was off and I was invited, I probably would go. I mean, no one has invited me. Sting and I, we were close in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t necessarily say Sting and I were like friends or buddies that hung out or anything. We’ve never hung out or anything like that, but I have always had the utmost respect for Steve. If I was invited to be at his last last match, I definitely would consider it, you know, if I was off. If I’m off, I’m always available.”

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