Kevin Nash’s Observation: “We’ve Got Two Stings – The Current One and the Pre-Christian Sting

Kevin Nash's Observation: "We've Got Two Stings - The Current One and the Pre-Christian Sting

In the most recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast, WWE Hall of Hall of Famer Kevin Nash talked about his friend Sting who won his last fight at tonight’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

“Steve always threw an extra bed in his bedroom which allowed me to sleep there at no cost. He was kind for me.” Nash said. “Him as well as Lex occasionally would take care of meals when we were out on the road since they were earning money and I was not. The guys who are partiers get together, and the guys who exercise are with each other. They were the gym boys.”

Nash said, “On top of that, when I broke into the business, I trained at Lex and Steve’s gym, Main Event Fitness in Atlanta and my wife did also. He was our star when I was there the first time. Flair was his foil, but Steve was by far the number one guy. You would have never known it. He’s always been very humble and he’s always been very kind.”

Nash spoke about the way Sting changed after he came to religion. Sting has spoken before about how his life spiraled into chaos during the latter part of the 90s until Sting reformed his bad habits.

Nash stated, “There’s two Stings. There’s the Sting now and there’s a Sting before Sting found Christ. There was another Sting. He wasn’t insane. He’s never been a stupid ass. He’s always been smart, but he partied a little harder. He was always really smart. If he was going to have cocktails someplace, he would be at a Marriott that he was staying at. He wasn’t going to be driving up and down the road drinking beers. He just wasn’t that kind of guy.”

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