Mike Santana No Longer with AEW

Mike Santana No Longer with AEW

Mike Santana is gone from AEW.

Santana has been exiled from the AEW roster on Wednesday afternoon which confirmed his departure from the organization. Santana was first introduced on the debut episode AEW Dynamite along with tag teammate Ortiz. But, the two guys had a disagreement, and the tag team broke up on the screen.

Sanatana was absent for more than one year following an injury during the Blood and Guts match on 6/29/22. On the following day, he was back in action in the Stadium Stampede match on ALL IN: London. Since then, he’s never been active in AEW. He appeared in the show Rampage in September. He was in a few scenes, but there were complaints about his displeasure with the way the program was presented.

Konnan said in his show that Santana thought the card should have been placed higher on the list. Since he’s left AEW, Santana becomes a free agent. There’s no word yet on whether there’s a desire in the form of TNA or WWE however one must be hopeful that he’ll appear in the near future.

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