Noted AEW star Removed from website roster

Noted AEW star Removed from website roster

Since the 1st of January, 2024 MJF has been removed on the list in the AEW website.

For the past one year now, MJF has been talking about the expiration of his contract, it being the “bidding battle in 2024” and the possibility of his making the switch to WWE. It is unclear what his status on the contract is but many people are of the impression that he had secretly renewed his contract with AEW this year. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone has ever reported this, but it’s the story that is being reported.

MJF is likely to be taking a break to recover from his injuries following defeating his World Title to Samoa Joe at Worlds End. Following the match, Adam Cole revealed himself as The Devil and was reportedly began their feud which could theoretically be in place after both men have been allowed to wrestle again in the next year.

In the Worlds End post-show press conference, Tony Khan would not discuss the status of MJF’s contract.

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