Stephen Borden Reflects on His Role in Sting’s Retirement Match: ‘It Was an Incredibly Positive Experience

Stephen Borden Reflects on His Role in Sting's Retirement Match: 'It Was an Incredibly Positive Experience
Stephen Borden opened up on this special night.

According to Stephen Borden, WWE. Following his participation in his father’s retirement match at AEW Revolution, Steve Fall from co. won the Tag Team Titles in a Texas Tornado Match with Sting and Darby Allin.
During the match, Sting’s sons, Garrett and Stephen, dressed as past Stinger, were also part of the festivities. The Wolpac version was Stephen, and Garrett was the Surfer Sting. Sting’s last match was a fantastic one, as depicted in the highlights. It was one of those moments where everyone knew that this was the final outcome. It’s not just his last match. But, I’m betting it could be his last trip there in that role. He won’t only vanish and never encounter AEW again, but it’s the ultimate time for gear prep and dressing. There was a conclusion to it. From my own perspective, it felt like everyone wanted to cherish every single moment. Everything felt akin to the last lot. Garrett and I were informed about him through many kind words. The entire experience was highly enjoyable.
“He spent most of the night with his father.” As we separated, there was a considerable amount of our family in the area. During my dad’s time, Lex [Luger] and Dallas Page [DDP] were among the people that my father had to contend with. Despite being in the middle of everyone and their room, you try to give them some space. I am his son, and I’m just another person he has to care for. The game had technical rules. It was his ultimate game. Pressure is quite intense. We parted ways because he’s trying to get some space and reflect. We spent a considerable amount of time together, especially in the last few hours before his departure.
He was advised by his father about the matter and decided to let it be done without any interference from Stephen or Garrett. It wasn’t as if they were saying, “This is how I am supposed to be,” or that someone had to physically do it. It was not about us in the end, and I think that when my dad left, people started to disregard Surfer or Wolf Pack Sting. It was just a case of enjoying the ride and having fun.
Despite being told that the Sting splashes were meant to be Garrett’s, I was raised doing them every weekend. The day before, we had our first try. Hence, there is not much practice. It appears to be a straightforward idea. Managing to avoid overshooting is more challenging than it appears. I actually made a joke earlier. If I had contested the free throw line, I could have potentially taken it from half-court. It’s not realistic to overshoot and go over the top on your dad’ s last ride. My father’s advice is to have fun and jump high.
After the match, we felt like we had to sprint backstage to watch the TV due to the sport’s inherent physicality. It’s easy to assume that the match will go smoothly and everything will be alright. Darby engaged in some acrobatic activities, while my father did so at the same time. A couple of decades is what he has. My primary concern was keeping my father and Darby in good health, which made me feel content. They will manage it like a pro. I had a feeling that something was going to happen. There was a sense of relief in the ring at the end, knowing that nobody was hurt and the match went smoothly. My dad was pleased. He’s a very critical individual. At the end of his press conference, he had an excellent speech about the match. It was the most significant relief for me. If he was content, I would have been fine with my weight falling off my head.

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