Discussing Her Ankle Injury, Mercedes Mone Recalls: ‘I Was Advised This Could Be the End of My Career’

Discussing Her Ankle Injury, Mercedes Mone Recalls: 'I Was Advised This Could Be the End of My Career'
Mercedes Mone opened up.

Mercedes Mone covered a lot of ground on the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast during her appearance. Mercedes’ triumph in the Royal Rumble has left me feeling proud and happy. It’s a privilege to be around and witness her hard work, discuss her aspirations, pursue her career goals, and observe the magic that can be achieved by women. She exerts herself to make that distinction. The fact that she will be attending WrestleMania is a source of immense pride for me. Her recent three-year absence from the pandemic and her injuries make me overjoyed to see her return with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. Dakota was dismissed after receiving a call from Bayley asking her to join the group she is currently part of. I love being able to support her through her selflessness and caring.
After her injury, she expressed feeling better daily and how her healing process has progressed significantly. This is a truly wild ride. Did Willow push me or is it likely that someone caused a slip leading to my top rope being slippery? For the last decade, I’ve been reflecting on how much work remains to be done in wrestling. I had a hunger strike. I gained a lot of knowledge about life by being fully focused and prepared for my success in 2023. I was taught to slow down and recover because of the significant events that took place earlier. Despite experiencing many painful moments and needing to heal, wrestling left me feeling unheard of and with no sense of direction. Your plans are sound, but you must reconsider them. My injury kept me from walking for three months. I am now more prepared and better than ever, and I can’t wait to see all my plans from 2023 come true in 2024. I’ve been making significant moves in both business and financial realms. While I was recovering, I redirected my efforts towards other endeavors that I am passionate about. Fans will be extremely excited about the fact that I’ll be releasing music this year. I’m still working on my acting career, which includes securing amazing acting roles and films, as well as finding a home in the wrestling world.
After leaving WWE, she was told to stand up for herself due to internal reasons. Wrestling, specifically WWE, has been a lifelong passion of mine. It’s a difficult decision for me, but it’ll be the most rewarding one as I wouldn’t be living my life fully and achieving all my personal goals. That moment has had a profound impact on my life, and it makes me feel excited. I’m filled with gratitude for that moment. I’m filled with pride. My pride lies in Trinity. I take pride in our strength. There was a strong desire to have sex. Everyone wished they were in the room. I think that everyone wished they could be there, present, or work somewhere else, and have complete knowledge of the events and words spoken. I treated it like a CEO, with my head held high and the ability to communicate remarkable things to WWE. I am grateful for the career, fans, life, dreams, and the opportunity to experience it all.
The news of her career-ending injury made it clear that she had been working hard to return to the place she loved, as no one knew. I yelled at my doctor and surgeon and replied, “No, it’s not.” The next time I return, my greatest accomplishment will be a memorable time, as I can expect to play the best matches and continue my career.
I prefer not to specify a specific date or time for her retirement. While I am engrossed in the backstage activities of wrestling, I feel certain that a higher power will reveal its timing for my performance. After my victory in the ring, there’s still more to come. The women’s wrestling industry always has a strong financial impact on my long-term investment in this industry.

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