The Buzz Behind the Scenes: Kazuchika Okada’s AEW Full-Time Premiere

The Buzz Behind the Scenes: Kazuchika Okada's AEW Full-Time Premiere

Despite being linked with WWE, Kazuchika Okada was finally signed by WWE last week and is now known as All Elite. His first full-time game was when he turned into a heel and joined The Young Bucks to take down Eddie Kingston.

The Elite greeted Okada as they announced their partnership. The title belt was twirled around his waist, and Okadha joined in with The Elite as they greeted each other with a handshake. The Collision TV tapings featured Okada and The Young Bucks.
Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful Select stated that AEW is internally content with the decision and that they had already considered it before Okada’s signing.

Before AEW, Khan had always believed that Okada could become a prominent heel on American wrestling TV. His performances last week only strengthened the case as the company viewed it as a home run.
AEW is expected to provide Okada with a unique wrestling performance, as his facial expressions were well received by those in the audience. According to sources, the company was anticipating a match for the Young Bucks due to their chemistry.

The response to Okada’s involvement in the Collision segments was a positive sign for AEW officials, who believed that scheduling his debut immediately after Sting’ exit would give them another major star.

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