The revelation of The Devil at AEW Worlds End

The revelation of The Devil at AEW Worlds End

The most popular storyline in AEW is about The Devil character, and it appears to be coming to an end in the coming weekend.


AEW first introduced this elusive person who was associated with MJF in January of last year’s All Out to claim an AEW World Title shot prior to it was revealed that he was actually the one hiding behind the mask. AEW returned in recent months, with the Devil and a couple of unknown partners taking on Jay White, The Acclaimed the Acclaimed, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn, who had been feuding or collaborating together with World Heavyweight Champion.

On Wednesday’s episode AEW Dynamite, Samoa Joe switched to MJF, and it was revealed it was clear that Joe does not belong to The Devil but was aligned with him, which allowed the mysterious men to take down MJF to take home the Tag Team Titles in ROH.

The teaser

Our very own Steve Fall was on the AEW Worlds End media conference this morning, and the question was whether The Devil would be revealed during the show on Saturday night.

“It feels like we’re very close to discovering what The Devil really is. I’m anticipating some shocking revelations and significant moments in Worlds End,” Khan declared. “The details will become clear and I’m excited about the event. This has been a distinct experience from the other AEW this year and I’m extremely excited about it. Fans who want to experience the type of story told in episodic form and also the character of the Devil and discovering the fact that Samoa Joe is working with The Devil has added another dimension to the story, particularly heading into this game. We are very excited about this match. The MJF/Samoa-Joe match in the Grand Slam was a great match, but the stakes have been placed and the field is ready for another exciting match. stakes that are different.”

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