Thunder Rosa said, Kris Statlander played role in her debut match when I got cleared

Thunder Rosa said, Kris Statlander played role in her debut match when I got cleared

In the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa spoke about returning to the arena on AEW Collision. She also acknowledged the strength of the women’s roster as well as Andrade El Idolo’s decision to leave.

Thunder Rosa on Andrade leaving AEW:

“I was very sad to see my good friend, Andrade, leave, which is why I was able say goodbye. I would like to shout him out. He’s been a great model for me to follow since he’s such an icon and does not get the respect is due to him. I truly would like to see that wherever he goes that he succeeds and keeps shining like a star. This is why I am extremely pleased for him.”

Thunder Rosa on coming back from injury:

“I constantly remind myself not to be a smuggler. I’m not going upset. I did it. It’s exactly what it says. It’s all you have to do is wait for your turn. The most important thing to me was my comeback and I’m back. So people need not ask me when will you return to the rings. So, don’t be asking me why you do not see myself in the rings. That’s not my business. I’m up and ready and I’m healthy, and that’s the most important thing and I’m here to do my part. I’m here to help improve the overall quality of the division and, well, help my fellow competitors who have held this division for a whole year to the very best of their abilities and some of them have been champions. Some of them have been champions three or four times, and they’ve grown their character to the point that you would never have imagined they could. A perfect example of this, the most insane most delusional and twisted of all, which includes Timeless Toni Storm. Her popularity is high and people are genuinely interested in her personality and the things she’s doing both in and out of the Ring. The same is true for Julia Hart, who a majority of people were considering her to be a younger and unassuming and then look at her. She is now one of the most popular among fans. Her entrance, the wrestling she does, brief sketches, and everything else and they’ve done an excellent job with this. Willow Nightingale. Kris Statlander. We must keep in mind Athena. Athena has been a part among the best performances of her life with ROH. There are plenty more sincere and I’m very happy to be working with the ladies I’m currently working with. They are very inspiring.”

“I could share this right immediately. I’m willing to talk about it. Kris Statlander was the one who assisted me in my first match after I was cleared. I have the video and I’ve been unable to share it. Perhaps, eventually put it on my YouTube channel. She offered to help me as she’s gone through the same thing I did with regards to injuries. It was inspiring to have women who want to assist you in getting better.

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