Tony Khan: “No Comment” Regarding Disturbing Allegations Against WWE

Tony Khan: "No Comment" Regarding Disturbing Allegations Against WWE
Khan detailed the safety measures in AEW

AEW president Tony Khan discussed the allegations against the former WWE Chairman and CEO while interviewing Fansided this week.


A lawsuit claimed McMahon was involved in a sexual trafficking and abuse scandal involving the former WWE employees, Janel Grant. The company and its former executive John Laurnatis were also named in the lawsuit.

Khan stated that he isn’t able to discuss the allegations, but he described the safety measures in AEW at the moment.

Security in AEW

“I cannot comment on the horrible allegations made against WWE currently. People are paying much focus this moment, with justification. We are most importantly; we’re making sure we create a safe locker room environment for all male and female and we’ve got an extremely strong connection. We have a wonderful locker room, and everybody has an assistance system in place. There are many channels. I think everyone feels content in having a safe area and a safe workspace There are also people who you can speak to. There are people at the office, and even in the world of wrestling. We believe what is most crucial factor in any any workplace is having lots of people who will listen and are determined to create an environment that is safe and a good workplace to work.”Khan also spoke about what he thinks of as the AEW Revolution, the main event to win The AEW World Championship, as well as much more. He believes AEW is at the center on one of its most successful performances currently.