Tony Khan shares his thoughts on the speculation WWE-Warner Bros. Discovery

Tony Khan shares his thoughts on the speculation WWE-Warner Bros. Discovery

AEW The owner of AEW Tony Khan recently spoke with Scott Johnson, the host of the “Going Ringside” podcast. Khan was there to talk about AEW Dynamite returning to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida this Wednesday evening. Khan was also asked questions about storyline negotiations and TV negotiation subjects, in addition to other topics. You can scroll down for the full interview.

Khan was asked about where things are AEW TV talks:

“I believe that by the end of 2024, we’ll be able to have a long-term location of AEW for the next few years. Now, the past four years and five years since we first launched on TNT and later TBS and TBS, and we’re currently five hours of television Every Wednesday, on TBS as well as every Friday as well as Saturdays on TNT. It’s an excellent topic, since I think it impacts the entire professional wrestling industry. We’re going be watching carefully. We’re not able to make any statements other than to say the fact that Warner Brothers Discovery have been excellent partners and will remain excellent partners until 2024. We are very happy to have another wonderful year. And it’s sure to be an exciting contractual year AEW and all the possibilities. There’s plenty to anticipate in this year. 2024 will be a major year due to a variety of reasons.”

Khan was inquired whether he would be interested in WWE concluding a deal with Warner Bros. Discover:

“Scott Scott,” it’s a part of the sport. I’m referring to the fact that everyone talks about contracts, free agency, and other issues like that. I’m sure everyone’s aware of the fact that everybody’s going to be interacting with everyone on the internet this year. There’ll certainly be a many opportunities. And, as we’ve got an excellent relationship of working with Warner Brothers Discovery [and] maintained excellent ratings. Therefore, I believe we’ll be in very excellent position in the coming year.”

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