Tony Khan Stance on AEW’s sexual harassment policy, Chris Jericho, Andrade, departures and includes remarks from Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, Toni Storm, Daniel Garcia, Julia Hart

Tony Khan Stance on AEW's sexual harassment policy, Chris Jericho, Andrade, departures and includes remarks from Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, Toni Storm, Daniel Garcia, Julia Hart

AEW held their usual press conference following Worlds End. Here are a few notes from the event.

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe

This is the most impressive rendition of Samoa Joe you’ve ever seen.

He spoke about the myths regarding his career being carried out in WWE He was also healing from a concussion.

How is he able to keep up with the younger talent?

The focus of his attention is on this reign of championships and what he’s to show.

“I’ll knock Adam Page’s a** off every day. Swerve is able to get it”

— “Everyone’s fighting around here, but no one is starts fights with me. take me on”

The MJF’s AEW Title is going in the trash, a new design to be announced.

– Joe declared that there’s a new era that’s beginning to take shape

• AEW as well as WB Games teaming up for Suicide Squad game

AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm

2024 will be an insane year.

Tony Khan let Tony Khan wear her hat.

— Toni stated that there are many things she can do in 2024. She will not reveal any surprises however, it’s going to be amazing.

The actor Tony Khan (jokingly) said that you could catch the Toni Storm’s films on Max.

– When asked whom she’d prefer to wrestle in the market for free agents, Toni said “Wendy Richter I’m going to f*ck you up.”

On who is on Toni’s level and can keep up? Toni stated Kristen Statlander: “I would want to join the Ring with her and get sweaty and beautiful. Amazing athlete I’d love to hold her.”

– Regarding the possibility of taking on Thunder Rosa, “Who?” She said, “If that is her name, it would be great idea to form an alliance (Thunderstorm).”

Toni’s most coveted starring role: “Being the AEW Women’s World Champion.”

• Toni is rumored to be teaming up with anyone: “My butler was sent away. I’m hoping they didn’t scold him.” Toni expressed her gratitude to Mariah May, who she called a “absolute adorable doll” and taking good care of her.

Tony Khan – Tony Khan said he and Toni Storm believe in Mariah May and believes Mariah May has everything she needs to become a champion.

TBS Champion Julia Hart

In an actual title against. title contest together with Toni Storm, she would be thrilled to have it

In a match against Britt Baker remembers losing to Britt before, and would like to see an opportunity to play a match that lasts more than two minutes.

– – On her role as leader of their own group, “I don’t think I would ever be able to leave House of Black, I’m obsessed with being the champion.”

– On 2024’s goals, “I think one of my main goals might be the opportunity to compete in the ring at Wembley …”

If women were to be added to tag-team titles Tony Khan thinks that would be fantastic and could be a huge benefit and he’s willing to consider the idea.

When she goes toe-to-toe with more experienced wrestlers Julia says she is a fan of their matches and knows the way they wrestle.

– Julia discussed the internet users who think they have all the answers, and she is sure that if she thinks she was successful and Tony thinks that way, then she only really cares about.

Toni Khan was asked about sexual harassment and safety for wrestlers. Tony claims that this applies to males and females alike and that there is a policy that’s in place, and they’ve made sure that there is no way to stop things such as this from occurring. Tony believes AEW is the safest environment. If any wrestlers have concerns, they have a way to speak to Tony. Tony stated that if a problem was reported to him, the issue would be taken to the discipline committee.

Swerve Strickland

– – On Keith Lee: “I’m not waiting for anyone”

— Swerve was asked what thoughts he has when he awakes. He told us he’s thinking about 10 to 15 things, and is always trying to improve himself and figuring out what he can do to improve his life.

Swerve stated that 2024 things become explicit as well as “no hidden sh*t”

— Tony Khan said that Keith Lee’s injury caused modifications and it was clear that the fans wanted to watch Swerve wrestle. Tony added that Keith was keen to wrestle, but was questioned by a physician. Keith suffered injuries during Final Battle and then wrestled Brian Cage on Collision. Tony stated that when he visited his doctor on Tuesday the injury grew worse, and the doctor wasn’t comfortable with his decision.

It was Tony claimed Keith Lee’s injury was the reason why he wasn’t on the television for a while.

– Swerve admitted that at times things don’t go according to the way that is satisfying, however Swerve is able to fulfill everything

– – On Dustin Rhodes status with AEW, Tony says Dustin is an important part of AEW as well as in the office, and also an outstanding coach for males and females

The Swerve’s new Years New Year’s Resolution is to become”the “First African American World Champion in AEW”

– Discuss what game he’d prefer to play at Wembley: “I still want my winning to be back with Bryan Danielson”

Daniel Garcia

In the event that his contract comes due to expire at the end next year, he states he’s looking to prove it’s possible to be a valuable asset, and he believes the way he’s done it over the past month or so.

No dance classes are scheduled soon, but he believes that people have seen the potential he has during the past month.

The ability to reveal the real him in a recent video, “I was sick of doing what I thought was our job as actors, I was tired of trying to present a fake.” He claimed that he’s the most successful when he is able to demonstrate real emotion and that it’s not like he’s an all-time person who is always tough and he’s a flawed individual. “I’m tired of putting on an act.”

— Tony anticipates seeing more post-match promotional videos similar to the one that touched Daniel Garcia did.

The game’s creator Tony has been asked if there are Fight Forever plans in 2024, Tony said there will be additional downloadable packs. He added, “We will be supporting Fight Forever for a long time, and I’m sure in the future, we’ll return with the console version.” In the meantime, they’re focused on keeping Fight Forever updated

A mental health guideline and getting yourself out of an emotional rut, Garcia says be open and honest with yourself. be honest and vulnerable about yourself.

After securing a huge win on the PPV, Garcia says he had a hand in Forbidden Door and now Worlds End and wants to show that he is a person who can be a solid foundation. “I am someone who will be the top performer in the business.”

Tony Khan business notes

Khan – Khan stated that the PPV is a huge success

Excellent week for AEW all-business

The – Collision was in front of NBA and the top football competition The third consecutive week saw ratings rise. He attributes the success to the women’s division as well as the Continental Classic.

The aforementioned Khan said Dynamite has posted the highest ratings since the Grand Slam in September and it was a great month for AEW.

Tonight’s show was a big success and it’s registering in line with the purchases from Full Gear. The producer says that it will exceed 100,000 purchases and is their largest year ever on PPV.

— Khan claims QT Marshall’s contract is over and he is respectful of him. the door is wide open for him to come back in any role. He is aware that QT is determined to concentrate on his professional wrestling career. He was awed by his work with AEW in the role of coach, and the coach stated that any wrestling organization could be blessed to be able to have QT as a coach.

— Khan promises contract cycles towards the closing of each year. Khan said he is a fan of Andrade El Idolo, and that his contract expires at the close this year. He noted that he’s been great performer at the Continental Classic. He was keen to stay in the forefront and, if they were successful in negotiating an agreement that would have put him at the top of the list. He claims that should this be the case, if the company is going to leave AEW and he’s leaving with a great note.

— Khan also weighed in on the departure of Rafael Morffi. He stated that Rafael was on the top of high notes and had an all-sold out crowd for Worlds End. He spoke about how lucky he was to have worked with him and is now working in a different field than wrestling.

Tony Khan Q&A

In regards to the possibility of a booking becoming an issue for the committee to come in the future, Khan says there have always been a variety of members in the room to talk about ideas with, and it’s been an extremely consistent procedure. Khan spoke about AEW being on a high streak with a strong PPV as well as television business. As we approach 2024, he believes that they’ve been a success and they have put on the top sports-based event through the Continental Classic.

The aforementioned Khan has said that he will be active in free-agent work in 2024. He spoke about the women’s section with the highest success as well as the popularity of the PPV as well as the TV program, and, while the personalities have changed however, the creative process continues to evolve.

Then, on Chris Jericho, he was asked if he’s ever subject to an investigation for sexual conduct. Khan stated that he isn’t able to speak to “unsourced reports” and that they have the best record of safety. Anyone with a complaint is able to contact Khan.

On the way 14 year old Tony Khan feels right now Tony Khan says “so great” and “it’s essential for us to know if what we’re doing is successful.”

Khan talked about Lucha Libre and Khan discussed the importance of Lucha Libre in the context of Collision

The aforementioned Khan admitted that he enjoys trying learning from top things he’s accomplished and also the “least the best” things. He spoke of making sure that he plays in hard-hitting games that fans trust. He stated it is his belief that AEW remains a challenging brand and that he is thrilled about the brand’s identity company as it moves into 2024.

The gate that was open for tonight’s show was an “big gate” with close to 10,000 fans present.

— Khan was again asked about Jericho. Khan replied that he couldn’t talk about it and repeated the same thing he had said earlier regarding their policy on harassment.

He has praised ROH’s roster. ROH roster.

On the free agent market Kamille, Mercedes Mone and Deonna Purrazzo. He is considering the free agent market for 2024.

In regards to expanding the PPV schedule, he said expanding the PPV calendar to eight was “incredibly effectively” and that there will be more focus on Sting’s final game at Revolution.

Regarding MJF’s status as a contract player He said he’s unable to speak about it at the moment, however he has praised the work has been done by him in AEW.

The actor Khan also took the time to express his gratitude to Dana Massie.

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