Scott D’Amore Made a $10 Million Offer to Buy TNA

Scott D’Amore Made a $10 Million Offer to Buy TNA

The wrestlers and fans are still grappling with the reality the fact that Scott D’Amore is out as the TNA President, and Anthony Cicione is replacing him and has left talent discontented with management to the point that they have sent Anthem the parent company that runs the promotion, a letter asking the company to reinstate him.


It began when D’Amore was in a disagreement with his management prior to his release. Since Len Asper, the head of Anthem was the one with the final decision and D’Amore was the one who was the one to go.

The wheels were already in motion to announce the termination of D’Amore’s contract one month prior to when it was officially announced.

D’Amore approached Anthem and offered to purchase TNA in full with the support of a major bank prior to Hard To Kill, TNA’s most popular pay-per view event over some time, but it was turned down.


In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed two sources familiar with the negotiations and another who was involved, said that the offer was for $10 million to the firm.

Meltzer wrotethat “One was able to clarify that the figure was $10 million, plus taking into account all the debts Anthem had and also the trade debts. This meant the company Anthem itself would leave with a total of $10 million in the bank from the deal. The D’Amore Group believed that Anthem’s value could be between $7.5 million to $12 million. Anthem rejected the offer without a counteroffer.”

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